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Content Strategy & Website Copywriting Portfolio Spotlight: ZOLL Data

When I left ZOLL Data in October 2019, the percentage of tracked keywords on the first two pages of Google had gone up from 31% to 53% and their website traffic had increased by 6%


These improvements resulted in 85 demo requests in one quarter alone. We were getting more people to the website, and they were converting. 


To achieve these results, we started by creating an effective, data-driven content strategy. Then we went about developing a regular, high-quality, flow of content. We focused on promoting and measuring the performance of content for certain areas of the business, in order to maximize our efforts. 


With the website performing as it should and the content converting, we were able to turn our attention to duplicating our success across other landing pages, and continuing to hone our work for a continual upward trajectory. 


Here’s an in-depth look at our approach to content strategy during my time at ZOLL.

Brittany Frater ZOLL Data Portfolio

Behind the Scenes: Content Strategy, Keywords, and Conversions at ZOLL Data


When I joined ZOLL in the late fall of 2018, the marketing team was recovering from a huge annual event they host every year: ZOLL SUMMIT. They were also in the midst of tweaking and refining a brand new website, launching new cloud-based products, and establishing customer archetypes.  


Straight out the gates, I faced a few interesting challenges: 


  • ZOLL had no content strategy in place when I arrived.
  • There were no regular contributors to the blog. As a result (and with the content manager role empty) they hadn’t had any new content published for months.
  • They were in the midst of transitioning from a legacy software offering to a primarily cloud-based software offering with no defined messaging strategy. 
  • The SaaS products were so new in the market that we didn’t have great data on their performance, or customer testimonials.
  • ZOLL’s new website had a rushed launch, and consequently, some critical foundational SEO work was overlooked. As a result, the new website was underperforming the old website, even though aesthetically it was a big improvement.


Needless to say, I had my work cut out for me!

ZOLL Blog Collage

The Secrets of Content Strategy Success


Starting from scratch is never easy, but there are several distinct benefits to building something from the ground up, and I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge!


I actually have a particular affinity to starting from scratch because it means that I don’t have to go back and fix previous mistakes, or convince a whole company that the way they have been doing it is inherently flawed in some way. It’s much easier to start from the beginning and do it the right way.


The right way begins with a content audit and assessment of everything that’s been created or published to date, what the goals were (if any) and how it performed. Once you have this baseline, evaluate past successes and failures against current company goals.  Now you have enough data to form a strategy. 


What this looked like for ZOLL…


  1. Reusing content that performed well. My audit revealed opportunities to leverage top-performing blog posts by repackaging them into downloadable tip sheets and launching a Facebook campaign to promote them. This was intensely successful, resulting in 70 new leads from just one of the tip sheets.
  2. Maximize existing plans and resources. The content strategy I created for ZOLL leveraged its annual SUMMIT event. Using the theme from the conference’s keynote, I was able to create distinct content categories, drop all the speaker topics into those categories, and then work with those speakers to organize and create the content.
  3. Create relevant content based on data about what matters to your customers. After almost every webinar ZOLL hosts, they ask attendees to complete a survey. The survey results from one particularly well-attended webinar were really interesting – and totally under-utilized. We were able to take the results and create a whole campaign around how EMS organizations were using data that included a series of blog posts from senior leadership, an infographic and an ebook. We sent these resources to the webinar attendees and saw open rates double, with 70% of those who opened clicking through to the website.
  4.  Recruit industry thought leaders and give them a regular spot on the blog. Our analysis of the blog made it clear that certain reputable authors consistently contributed high-performing articles that were extremely relevant to our audience. We reduced the frequency of our posts, and instead focused on value. By commissioning these authors to post monthly, we started regularly hitting and exceeding performance targets. Using this strategy we achieved over 2k views, our highest to date, and over 5 new leads per post.
  5.  Create email nurture tracks. With our blog growing exponentially, it was more important than ever to ensure that potential customers had a good onboarding experience. So, we created a nurture track that highlighted our top blog posts of all time to engage them with our best content over a few months. 


Our Content Strategy was based on the agenda for ZOLL's largest educational event.
Our Content Strategy was based on the agenda for ZOLL’s largest educational event.

A focus on ZOLL’s Billing Software 


In the last 3 months of my time at ZOLL, with the help of an external SEO agency, we launched a focused campaign on ZOLL’s billing software offering for EMS. 


The campaign included: 

  • 10X content pillar page
  • Keyword research and a thorough rewrite of all copy on the main billing software product page. 
  • Updating old billing blogs for cross-promotion through the pillar page.  
  • An email nurture track designed for billing customer archetype. 

This focused effort resulted in a 15% increase in traffic to all billing related pages and almost double the amount of time on page for the main billing product page. tent

By focusing our content generation efforts on ZOLL's billing software we achieved great results.
By focusing our content generation efforts on ZOLL’s billing software we achieved great results.

Here’s what my colleagues at ZOLL said about my work managing content production and strategy at ZOLL:


“I had the pleasure of supervising and working closely with Brittany for just over one year where she led our content marketing strategy and helped solidify our position as a thought leader in our industry. Brittany offers a solid balance of strategy and execution with a thirst for continuous performance improvement. As a data-driven content marketer, she knows how to hone in on topics that resonate with the audience. She is goal-oriented and values content quality over quantity. Brittany looks at content as a vital component of an overall marketing strategy and is able to provide added value because of her vast general knowledge of overall marketing best practices. I would gladly recommend Brittany to anyone looking to add a data-driven content strategist and storyteller to their team.”

– Kelli Turner, Director of Marketing and Communications at ZOLL Data


“Brittany and I were peers at ZOLL Data Management and both worked in the Marketing department. This past year Brittany has developed and executed on a cohesive content plan based upon the EMS 2050 agenda. She also kicked off an internal blog development program that will help generate valuable content for the blog and was instrumental in crafting persona-based pieces of content for campaigns from ebooks, tip sheets, videos to case studies. Brittany also leads the SEO strategy to up our SEO game. She did not come from an EMS background, but knew all the right questions to ask to understand this industry in order to write about it and create content that matters. Not only is she really good as what she does, but she is also really fun to work with!

– Leigh Clancy, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ZOLL Data 



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