A Little Bit About Brittany

Brittany Frater Headshot

Why hello there…

I am a digitally savvy professional writer with a decade of experience. I help businesses find their voice and leverage that power by helping them find the right words, and then string them together…


But any good business-copywriter relationship starts with one essential question:


How do we know if we’re a match? 

Who Are You?

You know that great copy sells.


You’re aware that quality copywriting is essential to success in modern marketing, and one of the most critical, and often most difficult, things to get right.


You also know that by passing it off to someone junior or doing it last minute, you’re not getting the results you can (and should) be getting. 



You know that your copy needs to be REAL and RELATABLE. And you are ready to start an authentic conversation with your customers. You know the value of establishing BRAND LOVE. 


You want your customers to love you, but you don’t have the time to cultivate that kind of relationship (which is okay, because that’s where I come in…) 

Who Am I?

I’m a Website Copywriter, Content Strategist, Blogger and Marketer extraordinaire.


In essence, I’m the perfect “wordy wing-woman” for your business. I love helping brands do a bit of soul-searching, find their personality and their voice, and then create a strategy that wins your customer’s loyalty and love. 


As a former entrepreneur, I follow the lean-startup methodology to help you quickly get to the heart of who you are, who your customers are, and what you need to do to communicate your brand story more effectively.  


You need to stop talking at your audience and talk to them. And I can help you.



How can you be sure? Well, here’s a look under the hood of my personality: 


  • I’m so driven I have to run ultramarathons to burn off some steam. 
  • I became a coffee snob while living in New Zealand for 5 years and drinking “flat whites” – now I’m “ruined” for life. 
  • Small but mighty. I’m 5’2” and my dog is 17lbs, but we both like to show off climbing the local Boulder peaks and have a fair amount of sass while doing so.
  • I was that kid that wrote book reports that were longer than the actual book.
  • I’m a Virgo who applies my need for perfection to creating great copy that gets results. 
  • As an avid environmentalist and a social justice activist, a particular passion of mine is helping businesses with a social or environmental mission.


So, are we a match? 

Core Values

High-five for great service and expertise

Service & Experience

There’s nothing transactional in the way I do business. From day one, I strive to ensure that the experience of working together is an absolute delight.

Clear, Consistent Communication with Brittany

Clear, Consistent Communication

Few things are worse than miscommunications or lack thereof. With shared documents, regularly scheduled check-ins and video recordings walking you through the finished product, you will feel like we are on this journey together (which we are!).

Fulfilling Client Relationships. Together we can achieve great things!

Fulfilling Client Relationships

There are few things more satisfying in life than high-quality relationships. My favorite part of working with entrepreneurs and small business owners is learning what they are passionate about, sharing ideas, and succeeding together.

Brittany's work gets tangible results

Impact-driven Collaborations

Nothing about the work I do is one-sided or trivial. For us to achieve the results we crave, we both have to show up, meet deadlines and enjoy the process. Equally as important is work that makes an impression – to change, transform, or influence your customers for the better.