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Website Copy

Content Strategy

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Website CopyWriting

Website CopyWriting

“Wow, you clean up real nice.” 


Sometimes all it takes is a little polish to reveal the shine that’s underneath. Other times, you need to go to the spa and get the works – facial, full-body scrub, cut and color – to really bring out your best self. 

So, how’s your website’s hygiene? Has it been a few days since it showered or a few months?


Either way, finding the diamond in the rough is a specialty of mine.


Copy Polish vs The Works 

Freshen Up Your Website Copy or Get a Total Rewrite

Copy Polish (2 weeks)

  • Review requirements
  • Determine Strategy
  • Set Timeline and Goals 
  • Copy changes, suggestions, and optimizations for 2 pages
  • Review and revise

The Works (4-5 weeks)

  • Brand Research: Customer feedback, Competitive Analysis, Product deep-dive 
  • Discovery: Finding the diamond in the rough  
  • Determine Strategy 
  • Set Timeline and Goals
  • Copy changes, suggestions and optimizations for the entire website
  • Brand voice, vision, personality discoveries, and recommendations 
  • Two Rounds of Review and Revise 
Content Strategy

Content Strategy

You are consistently producing content, but it’s not getting results. 


When you publish content without a strategy, it’s like running on a treadmill. You’re going through the motions, churning out content, but you’re not getting anywhere. There’s no real progress. 


Who are you talking to? Why should they care? Are you reaching your audience: 



Where they are

When they need your information

How they prefer to interact with your brand   



That’s how you get results. And it all starts with a strategy.

Content Creation

Content Creation

You Know Content is King, but Time To Create It is Scarce. 


Never fear! I’ll hang up my running shoes and let my writing run wild for you. Blogs, case studies, whitepapers, email newsletters or nurture campaigns – I have done it all. Not only that, with experience in keyword and SEO optimization, I’ll make sure you maximize organic traffic opportunities. 


My highly collaborative process includes strategy sessions, revisions, and performance reviews.